Beck Unveils LP10, ‘Colors’, Drops ‘Dear Life’ Lyric Video

August 24th, 2017: As seen on Archive (PDF)

The album art for Beck’s latest album, ‘Colors’; Photo: Beck

Following a trio of singles in 2016, “Up All Night,” “Dreams” and “Wow,” the latter of which landed on our Top 15 Lyric Videos of the Year, Beck cleared the static on rumors of his next LP today with news of his 10th LPColors.

Unveiling the tracklist in tandem, all three of said singles will be on the record, followed by the fourth and latest taste, “Dear Life.”

Standing in a bit of contrast to all three of those pop-strut, diamond-eyed iterations of Scientology’s most famous indie-popster, “Dear Life” is more of an amalgamation of the spacious, alt-country tapestries of Sea Change companion piece, Morning Phase and the flashy, funky vibes of those aforementioned singles.

Complete with a honky-tonk piano fill and a wry, self-depracating kind of letter to the editor of whoever’s in charge of the meaning of life, the chorus pleads:

Dear life, I’m holding on
Dear life, I’m holding on
How long must I wait
Before the thrill is gone

So who is that in Scientology, L. Ronnie Smalls?

Scientology aside, it’s got most of the Beck charms — a nonsensical verse about singing swan songs to dogs, some funky talk-singing on the tail end, and some angelic vocal overdubs he’s been playing around with these days.

Meanwhile, like “Wow” before it, we get another titillating lyric video, as well. It’s not as cool as its kalaidescopic pop art sibling, but it’s got flaming cars, rooftop fights, and drop shadows on all its florescent lyric weaving.

Check it out below, followed by the complete tracklist to Colors.

1) Colors
2) 7th Heaven
3) I’m So Free
4) Dear Life
5) No Distraction
6) Dreams
7) Wow
8) Up All Night
9) Square One
10) Fix Me