Coke Launches Another Lyric Can Campaign

March 31st, 2016: As seen on Archive (PDF)


Promo shot from Coca-Cola’s latest lyric can collaboration; Photo: Courtesy of Coca-Cola

No stranger to the co-option of hip-hop and now people’s names, the world beverage giant is launching another summer campaign to blast Coke cans with lyrics from a bevy of popular song from classic “Lean on MeBill Withers-isms to “All I Do is WinDJ Khaled squawk.

An actual statement from Joe Belliotti, Coke’s global head of music (via Billboard):

“This was not about finding the most popular songs of today. This was about finding lyrics that can help you connect with someone. Because at the end of the day music and the lyrics in songs help you express what you sometimes aren’t able to out into words yourself.”

Without getting too biased here, make of that what you will. Should you not be able to choose the appropriate lyric that best represents you, Coke is making it possible with a partnership with Shazam to explore more options for experiencing the power of soda pop and music together, printing links on bottles and cans to a back-end app that enables “consumers to record themselves, lip-sync style, and create cool add-ons and filters and share on social media,” said Belliotti to Billboard.

All you do is win-win, people.