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November 29th, 2017: As seen on Make ¢hange (PDF)

Make Change is a socially-conscious publication building stories around Certified B Corporations and other sustainable community folks that share the same values as its parent financial service, Aspiration Bank.

Editor-in-Chief Callie Enlow came to me with a one-off assignment on this story with a seed of a pitch curious about a record label (Spirit House) run by a self-described “community of healers, activists, witches, faeries, and star-children helping each other deliver medicine to the world.”

Interviewing founder Johanna Warren, I reported on the crowdsourced ambition of her and the novel label that is seeking to eliminate the middle-man, patriarchal paradigm with direct-to-artist sales and a work-trade community, tracing the model through its roots back to the Riott Grrrl movement of the early 1990s.


Spirit House Records

On a mission to defeat the old guard music suit patriarchy, a coven of PNW witches started their own record label.