Dimitri From Paris

April 12th, 2008: As seen on Archive (PDF)

What’s the Deal? Subtleties of chicka-chicka-wicka-wicka get velvet-slick when Istanbul-born Parisian-bred DJ/producer Dimitris Yerasimos brings disco and funk’s most sweaty golden hits onto the dance floor. Paying tribute to the masters that spawned the genre back in early-’90’s Chicago, Dimitri takes spiritual staples like Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and Jean Carn, trickles down a little synth, maybe some samba and jazz, and watches the booties shake. Not to be confused with his 2000 comp, A Night at the Playboy Mansion, the double-disc Return to the Playboy Mansion, which dropped on April 8, floats into ears like steam off a hot grotto night.

Who? Yerasimos broke into the turntable realm at the French station Radio 7 in the mid-’80s, and via numerous gigs, quickly caught the eye of fashion empires like Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier, soon glamorizing their adverts. Along with two studio albums that notch all-time top ten status by house critics, double-digit compilations and remixes of everyone from Bjork to New Order, odds are you’ve heard him in the proverbial house.

Fun Fact: For further style cues, look to the soundtracks of movie cult classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’sand The Party, both of which Dimitri has a heart for.

Now Hear This: “Marvin & Tammi ‘Ain’t No Mountain’ (DFP re edit)” DONWLOAD MP3