Minnesota Toddler Raps Through Chores to DMX, Blows up Twitter, Of Course

April 3rd, 2018: As seen on Archive (PDF)

Three-year old Tegan Pelissero of Minnesota in her DMX element; Twitter/Sara Pelissero

What good is the internet if not for the elusive cat video or tiny human rapping to an early 90s party-rap anthem? Such is the case with this three-year old from Minnesota who blew up Twitter with not only her cleaning skills, but her savage take on Earl ‘DMX‘ Simmon’s classic 1993 hit, ‘Party Up‘.

Shot by the child’s mother, Sara Pelissero, on a cell phone, Tegan (the rapping prodigy’s name), is seen cleaning up the kitchen in her Batman shirt and dodging her puppy on the hunt for food scraps, rapping the infamous hook to the song:

Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here

Mother Pelissero feigned immaculate DMX skills by her daughter in her tweet, citing, “Someone taught my 3-year-old a DMX song and … I’m just not sure where to go from here.” But we all know the score, Sara, you don’t need to hide your love for ‘Party Up’.

The actual story gets a little more endearing to learn that Sara is recovering from breast cancer, and the video was shot while Tegan was helping her mom with duties around the house while she recuperates from surgery.

Speaking to Minneapolis’ Star Tribune, Sara gave a little insight as to where Tegan may have first heard the Ruff Ryder — from a day care teacher muttering ‘up in here’ hook under her breath in a high stress moment, reflecting on the whole ordeal with a lighthearted thankfulness.

“It’s just completely goofy and there’s nothing really serious about it,” said Sara. “I feel like it’s been a nice breath of fresh air for us after what has been a lot of dark moments.”

Blip in the Twitterverse/sentimental moment for the Pelissero family or what, meanwhile, in other DMX news, the rapper still awaits judgement on a tax evasion trial.

Watch the full video shot by Sara below, followed by the DMX original.