Pixies Extend Olive Branch to Kim Deal with ‘All I Think About Now’

July 26th, 2016: As seen on Archive (PDF)


An old press shot of a young Black Francis and crew; Photo: N/A

Pixies frontman Black Francis‘ feud with co-founding member of the band, bassist Kim Deal, is one of rock’s most antagonistic, the iconic loud-soft alt-punk band mythically calling it quits via fax, so the story may or may not go, over a mounting jealousy Francis had for Deal becoming the star of the band.

Deal went on to form the Breeders and Francis had no problem with his solo career, and eventually, as 99% of breakups go, the Pixies machine was revived in 2003 with Deal back in tow, but again, like 99% of breakups go, Deal left again to pursue other projects.

Most of what has happened since has been he said-she said jibber-jabber, with fans left to support a couple ringers for Deal, first Kim Shattuck (The Muffs), and then Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age), as the now official bassist.

With the Pixies’ drop, Head Carrieron the horizon (September 30), though, Francis is apparently putting olive branch messages down on wax, with the forthcoming track “All I Think About Now” reminiscing on happier times, and basically apologizing to Deal with a ‘thank you’:

I try to think about tomorrow, But I always think about the past, About the things that didn’t last, If I could go to the beginning, Then for sure I would be another way, Make it better for today, If I could go to the beginning, I would be another way, Make it better for today, Remember when we were happy? If I’m late can I thank you now? I’m gonna try anyhow, I remember we were happy, That’s all I think about now, That’s all I think about now, I remember we were happy, That’s all I think about now, If you have any doubt, I want to thank you anyhow

Francis alluded to the track early this month in an interview with BBC 6 Music, detailing how new bassist Lenchantin made him pen it, and the lyrics hit the web (via Pitchfork) earlier this week. The single has yet to debut, but judging from “Um Chagga Lagga,” and some of the songs they’ve been teasing on the road, perhaps this apology will show some teeth.