Catch the Buzz: Ponytail

June 3rd, 2008: As seen on Archive (PDF)

Who? Bridging the gap between dolphin squeak and Yoko Ono shriek, Ponytail vocalist Molly Siegel rounds out this genre-bending quartet of Baltimore art-punks, who all met at the Maryland Institute College of Art. And sophomore set Ice Cream Spiritual, out June 17 via We Are Free, may launch this act’s blustering freak-outs from obscurity to center stage with its rocketing firestorms of dueling, treble-heavy guitars and speedster Joy Division-like drums, that despite their rigid rhythms, leak all over listeners’ ears by flaunting both psychedelic and mathematic influences. A summation in the band’s words: “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.”

Their latest: Album number two, Ice Cream Spiritual, drops June 17.

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Now Hear This: “Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)” (DOWNLOAD MP3)