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May 6th, 2017: As seen on Alarm (PDF)

A musician’s musician publication palatable for the masses, Chicago’s ALARM press started as a zine, grew to a nationally circulated magazine and book publisher, honing in on in-depth interviews of artists consistently pushing boundaries.

Brought on to tackle an interview with the infamous hater of The Beatles and 100-instrument jazz genius, Dr. Lloyd Miller, I was then poached to contribute to an ambitious book project dubbed, Chromatic, tracing the intersection of independent musicians exploring color in unorthodox ways.


Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics

Dr. Lloyd Miller, a musical legend known for his mastery of more than 100 instruments, is quick to hoist his flag in the rock-is-the-devil’s-music camp.


Neon-soaked visuals inject energy into the electro-pop aesthetic. 


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