Cool Kids Throw a Pre-‘Bake Sale’ in Chicago

May 8th, 2008: As seen on Archive (PDF)

The Inglish-Rocks team — Cool Kids’ Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll and Antoine “Mikey Rocks” Reed — opened with a little fiscal advice on off-album track “Gettin’ It,” telling last night’s (May 8) be-seen crowd “there’s no pocket full of cash to be thrown in the air,” before slathering clunky-ill beats over trademark odes to BMXs and Fruity Pebbles. The evening came as a home turf treat before the two emcees and one DJ embark on a coast-to-coast mission supporting new EP, The Bake Sale (out May 20).

While a crew of Heffner Bunny-worthy waitresses mixed Snow Queen vodka cocktails and danced on reserved tables, a pit enclave of hand-in-the-air hardcore fans shot back choruses to jams predominantly off 2007’s Totally Flossed Out EP. Ingersoll’s trademark golden-shades chain dangled about fans’ heads as he leaned down from the lofted stage on slow-mo fumbler “Gold and a Pager,” before taking set breaks to give shoutouts to at least three birthdays — failing to mention this writer’s — and one wedding anniversary. Meanwhile Reed brought his “88” hot-steppin’ shoes, dance-er-taining clubgoers now propped in booths and chairs.

After closing shop with a new beat straight off an early ’90’s Jock Jams comp, hinting at a new slice of retro-pace, Ingersoll assured his Spin hosts that we’re a “cool magazine” and is his publication of choice in airports, before giving ETA clues for the duo’s debut LP as “before November.” Patience is in fact a virtue.

We asked: Cool Kids will support new EP, The Bake Sale, with a second by the name of That’s Stupid, both of which lead up to debut full-length, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Make like a Cool Kid and bamboozle the three into a narrative.