Jack White Laces ‘Icky Thump’ with Anti-Trumpisms

June 4th, 2018: As seen on Archive (PDF)

Jack White performing at New York City’s Governors Ball on Friday, June 1; Photo: YouTube 

Kicking off this past weekend Jack White headlined New York City’s Governors Ball. Though when it came time for him to unleash White Stripes‘ 2007 punk blues fan fav, “Icky Thump,” White slipped in some lyrical barbs aimed at a certain Cheeto-in-Chief.

The song in its original narrative has always been rooted in politics, specifically contentious policy around immigration, White yelping in the second verse:

White Americans, what
Nothing better to do
Why don’t you kick yourself out
You’re an immigrant too

Who’s using who
What should we do?
Well, you can’t be a pimp
And a prostitute too

Appended to the Cheeto-modified version, though, White took it a step further and added a little modifier in that lovely kick-a-hole in your garage rock door sneer he does so well:

That’s for you, Trump!
You can’t be a president and a prostitute, too, Trump!

Following the jab, White launched into the refrain flipping ‘thump’ to, wait for it — “Icky Trump.”

Whether or not ‘Icky Trump’ heard him over in Manhattan at his eponymous tower, or wherever he’s not-at-the-White-House again these days, is mute, though, as there’s a glaring miss of a Stormy Daniels joke in there.

Check out the vitriol below.