Patient #1132: ‘Sheena is a Punk Rocker’; August 16, 1977

May 15th, 2015: As seen on Archive (PDF)

Diary log taken from ‘Sheena, Queen of the Jungle’ after outburst with Dr. S. Barrett on November 30, 1977.

Six Moons: Have seen six suns, six moons since coming to see man in white Barrett. Sheena still not know whether to be Sheena or punk rocker. Sheena just want help. But Barrett put Sheena in silent room. Take Sheena’s leopard underwear. Take Sheena’s leather jacket. Take Sheena everything. Sheena not understand.

Ten Moons: Miss the river. Miss the jungle. Miss Chim. Miss swinging with Chim. Miss the trees and the wind. Man in white Barrett says that I still have punk rocker left in me. Says cannot leave until I one or other. Sheena Queen of Jungle. Sheena punk rocker. But salty white rocks make impossible to think. Make me feel like lion hit in head with club. Sheena see too much. How can Sheena unsee CBGB? How can Sheena unsee spiky hair and Ramones and pogo hop and energy of 1000 gazelle in concrete jungle room? Sheena want to be punk rocker too. 

Twelve Moons: Aheeeeheewaaaa-ay-oh-let’s-go!

Fifteen Moons: Man in white Barrett not make sense. He say, “loin cloths are for porn stars.” Then shake hip like Zambouli Tribe. Say even when I decide which Sheena to be he will not give me my leopard loin back. Maybe Sheena will take Barrett’s leather man pants. Punk rock Sheena would do it. When punk rock Sheena become punk rock Sheena? If Sheena can remember how got here, Sheena be okay. Sheena remember waking in CBGB. Remember chain people yell. Could Sheena Queen of Jungle not be? Sheena always punk rocker? Ramones say Sheena punk rocker. But Chim would say Sheena is Queen. No more salty white rocks! Must not swallow the salty white rocks. 

Eighteen Moons: Man in white Barrett now tell Sheena truth. Sheena really New York American girl. That Sheena needed to figure out, but could not. Man in white Barrett impatient. “New white light/white heat truth approach,” he say. Show me picture of “surfboard.” Show me picture of “disco.” Show picture of me with other New York American girl using surfboard. Smash with hammer! Say I couldn’t take it. Say I found punk rock Sheena instead. Say dee-loose-sun-all. Say sizzlefriendia. Say dee-loose-sun-all. Say became Sheena Queen of the Jungle at some point between American New York girl and punk rock. Say my name not Sheena. Say it Lucy. Looo-seee. Say Ramones ruined me. Say punk dead, shake hips like Zambouli Tribe again on tree stump in office. Sheena smash Barrett next time. 

Twenty-One Moons: Sheena met someone in courtyard game with ball today. Psycho Killer. Say punk not dead. Say punk alive! Say Sheena most punk rock girl he ever meet. Say I need to get out of here. Say he has plan. Say he knows concrete jungle room CBGB. Say I reborn in that room. Say he knows, he reborn there many time too. Say for Sheena to keep collecting salty white rocks, do not swallow. Say Looo-seee is just what this world wants to call me. Say no sense too. But Sheena trust Psycho Killer. Sheena trust punk rock. Sheena trust gazelle guitar howl. Sheena forget about missing Chim, forget about missing jungle, the river, the wind and trees when hear guitar. Sheena feel in punk rock. Green jungle and concrete jungle are one with guitar. Guitar communicator. Sheena leave tomorrow. 

Twenty-Two Moons: Sheena was to meet Psycho Killer today at courtyard game. Psycho Killer not there. Instead Sheena go see man in white Barrett, bring mashed salty white rocks to throw at him. Hide in sock. But when Sheena get there, man in white Barrett staring at blank wall. Back to Sheena. Not talking. Drooling. Sheena cry. Sheena rip off sock, throw white salty rock powder at Barrett head. Sheena smash Barrett face. Rub powder in Barrett mouth. Barrett do nothing. Just stare. Sheena cry. Sheena scream PUNK ROCKER at him. Sheena scream louder. Sheena get pulled away by more men in white. 

Twenty-Six Moons: Sheena is a punk rocker now