That Ned Flanders Metal Band Drops Album, ‘White Wine Spritzer’ Video

November 11th, 2016: As seen on Archive (PDF)


A screenshot from the official video for Okilly Dokilly’s ‘White Wine Spritzer’; Photo: YouTube

Back in a time when a Simpsons meme and a Trump joke didn’t need to cathartically coexist, the music community blessed us with Okilly Dokilly, the “world’s only Nedal band,” a quintet of metal nerds from Phoenix, Arizona who also have an appreciation for Matt Groening’s character, Ned Flanders.

At that time, they were a budding viral schtick with a few hard-hitting demos based on Simpsons jokes that did or did not have to do with Flanders, but were funny nonetheless, in the same way that Vegan Black Metal Chef captured our hearts: the tenants of metal bred into otherwise reserved, conservative expressions. “Howdily doodily” Flanders was primed for this plucking from day one of the show, and practically begged for it when “Hurricane Neddy” aired.

Today, though, we see Okilly Dokilly double-down and drop their debut album called none other than Howdily Doodily, complete with some of the best Flanders moments we were yearning for on the band’s demos — as the devil donut-deal maker in Treehouse of Horror IV,” (“Donut Hell“) the wrath of his vicious tongue after a blackberry schnapps in “Duffless,” (“More Animal Than Flan“) and of course, the infamous white wine spritzer bender from “Viva Ned Flanders,” (“White Wine Spritzer“).

Of course the band made a video for the latter, in which all of the Flanderisisisis turn on one of their own who doesn’t imbibe in a white wine spritzer, “Head Ned” screaming, “You only live once/Ah hell, give me a white wine spritzer.” If anything, it will distract you from the sobering fact that the Simpsons predicted our impending Trump presidency doom just for a little bit.